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Qatar’s first Turkish hospital to open this week

Shabina Khatri Jan 15, 2017

A new Turkish hospital will soft open in Doha on Tuesday, Jan. 17, according to local media reports.

The Turkish Hospital is located in New Salata on C-Ring Road and is a joint venture between the Qatar-based Taleb group and Turkey’s Ruzgar group.

It has 100 beds and is staffed so far by 40 Turkish doctors, as well as nurses and other personnel from all over the world, the Peninsula reports.

Some 1,000 patients a day can be seen daily at the hospital, the newspaper added.

And departments include emergency, obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery, ophthalmology, urology, dermatology and pediatrics.

Speaking to the Qatar Tribune, the hospital’s CEO Dr. Volkan Uygunucarlar said:

“My primary job is to think like a doctor and to treat patients as humans and not customers.

We have designed our systems in such a way that there is connectivity between departments so that our patient could get comprehensive attention and medical care in the shortest possible time.”

The hospital’s launch comes months after Qatar’s first Turkish school opened in Doha and as relations between the two countries grow stronger than ever.

Patient care prioritized

Qatar is in dire need of more doctors and hospital beds, as it contends with a larger, older and sicker population in the coming years.

The Turkish hospital is one more than half a dozen healthcare facilities expected to come online in 2017.

By the end of December, there will be more than 1,100 newly-built hospital beds for residents in the new facilities across Qatar, Hamad Medical Corp. said last year.

The projects include a women’s wellness center, a communicable diseases facility and three hospitals for workers.

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