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Became the boss and started exporting marble

Ayşe Kırbaş, who is the sales manager of the company that exports marble in Denizli, attended the entrepreneurship course. Kırbaş, who founded and took over the company, exports marble to 40 countries.

Ayşe Kırbaş (39), married and mother of one child, who is a sales manager in a marble export company in Denizli, attended the entrepreneurship course opened by Denizli Chamber of Commerce 3 years ago. Kırbaş, who successfully completed the course, invested 10 thousand dollars after receiving his certificate and established his own company operating in the marble sector. Kırbaş then traveled abroad one by one and started promoting Denizli marble. Kırbaş, which markets the marbles it buys from the factories in the city abroad, now exports to 40 countries in Europe, the Far East and the Middle East.


Stating that she was happy to realize her dream of starting her own business, Kırbaş said, "I worked as a sales manager in different companies for 12 years. 3 years ago, I decided to start my own business.

After the entrepreneurship course of Denizli Chamber of Commerce, I clarified the work I will do in my mind. I also had my doubts about this. Later, I believed that I could do this job and focused only on success. I started my own company and entered into a strict working tempo. I took my bag and promoted Denizli marble in foreign countries. In the first year, we exported 2 million dollars of marble. "We are currently exporting to over 40 countries," she said.

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