Ecowall having its projecting phase and R&D been completed in January 2017 realized with 17 ecological components. Ecowall, which prevents the formation of bacteria, which helps to eliminate bad smells in the areas where it is used, balances the moisture in the environment at the same time making it suitable for human life. With its three-dimensional structure, the aesthetic value, acoustics, and rewarding features of its living spaces make it a unique product in the world. Totally eco-friendly.

  It has the ability to eliminate environmental odors from cigarettes, pets, food and bathrooms, as well as various chemical odors. 
It prevents bacteria and mold. It absorbs humidity in rooms when it exceeds 70 percent, and increases humidity when it drops below 40 percent, maintaining the moisture balance of the room, which prevents bacteria and mold. 
This humidity control also decreases the occurrence of respiratory disorders, such as asthma, allergies, sinusitis and colds by providing a higher quality of air that we breathe. 
It has fireproofing properties, preventing fire from spreading, while capturing poisonous gasses, providing greater opportunity for people to flee. It contains no chemicals. 
Ecowall is comprised entirely of natural components. 
It is an eco-friendly product that require no energy to maintain and releases no gasses into the environment, unlike concrete. 
It is adequate on a 1 to 3 scale in a space, or applying it to only one wall in a space is sufficient.
Easy to apply to the wall.
Nanowall is produced in its final modern looks after long time in research and development by our inventor and founder Selcuk EKSI.



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